Raising twin boys and running a column

When I first met Kayligh one of the first things we realised we had in common was we both trained at TONI and GUY in new Oxford st and so There’s real similarities in our techniques!
She’s also a bloody cool chick and a real laugh, she’s a massive part of the Brentwood hairdresser family read on !

So Robs finally pinned me down to take 5 minutes out of my crazy life to share with you day to day what I get up to in and out of the salon.

Having almost a year off on maternity it’s safe to say I was itching to come back to work, being a mum to one year old twins does have it’s challenges but it really is a double delight.

Setting off at 7.15am on a work day to beat the morning traffic can definitely have it’s moments especially when you are just about to walk out the door and you need to do an unexpected nappy change or in my case two…we like to call it a “shituation” after dropping the boys off at childcare for the day I drive In complete silence…honestly I really didn’t appreciate silence until I had children. This is my thinking time, my down time before I come into work and get in the mix!

Work for me is a happy place, that part of my old life I had before the boys…no mum worries for a few hours. I still have the passion I did over ten years ago, I love that I can make someone walk out of the salon feeling great.

My time away from the salon is all about family! the boys still need a lot of my attention but don’t get me wrong I love to still let my hair down even though I may be up early (I have been known to come in at 6am after a night out).
So at the minute I’m finding that I’m in a healthy place with a good balance of work and lifestyle but in the near future I will be in the salon more so watch this space…

Lots of double love
Kayleigh x


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