My Journey as a Loreal ID artist

My ID journey

My ID journey started with the scariest audition of my life… A 5 minute presentation with a board room of 8 of the industrys top hair stylists.
I was already nervous as the previous year I had presented my model to them and while I was talking to them my strapless bra had slid down under my t shirt and I basically looked like some Essex 4-tited basket case (slightly embarrassing although I’m sure I rocked it)
What I was competing for was to be on one of the most presigous teams in the hair world .. LOREAL ID ARTIST !! A two year development program with opportunities which would inturn shape me into being the stylist I am today.
Each region had two spaces.
A session and styling spot,
And a coloring spot..
Well the coloring spot had my name all over it and I was more determined that ever to get on this team (and not be known as a 4 tited laughing stock to my idols)
So the day comes I get the phone call telling me that I am on the team !! Iā€™m the I’d colourist for the Eastern region! I was over the moon out of everyone that audtioned they had picked me! I rang my mum stright away šŸ™ˆ and I had the biggest smile/slightly smug look on my face that whole week!
I have gone all over the place with loreal in the last 2 years including Barcelona and Dublin twice ! I have learnt so much in this process from thinking outside the box to presentation skills !
I even got to work with some of my idols on shows
I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be around like minded people. People with a passion for hair as strong as mine ! For me it really was the people who made this experience what it was , these talented creative people still continue to inspire me everyday and I’ve made friends that will last forever.
And as this journey is coming to an end I’ve realised this is just the beginning for me and I’m ready to leave my dent on the hair world
Watch this Space.



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