derma aesthetics On the 1st floor at #tbh

Hi my name is Noorie and I’m the owner of Derma aesthetics, I’m based on the 1st floor of The Brentwood Hairdresser, I specialise in advanced skincare for both men and women I help them look and feel wonderful. I joined this amazing place over a year ago. I just totally love this unique fun and friendly environment. I’m SO happy to be here!!!! I think what makes TBH so different from other salons is not only that Rob hires the best in the business but also everyone is just so NICE!!!

  1. My clients really enjoy their experience here because not only do they come to see me, they have a one stop shop where they can have their skin treatments, hair and nails done, (get your nails done at the Brow Boutique also on the 1st floor!)

When I am not working, I’m a super busy mum running around after my 2 boys Kai (9) Zayn (7) and my dog Mia. I operate at 100mph but would not have it any other way as my job allows me to have the perfect work life balance.

Next time you are in the salon come and say hello and I can tell you about all the wonderful treatments I do whether you are looking to look younger, fresher or just want some pampering.


PS Thank you Rob and the rest of the team for welcoming me into The Brentwood Hairdresser  family!!



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