Download 2019 with Kevin murphy 🤘🏻

Download 2019

I’m back! And it’s my turn to talk about me and Katie’s experience working back stage at Download festival!

Where do I even start… it began with waking up at 5am to head up to Donington Park in Derby, after copious amounts of coffee and head banging to get us warmed up we arrived and got set up for the first day of the festival!

What came next I just could never imagine, working for Kevin murphy and representing TBH at Download festival felt awesome and really made me realise this is why being a hairdresser is one of the best professions out there.
There wasn’t much time to take in all the awesome surroundings though as as soon as we were set up a dude approached me and asked for a trim, only then to say he has 10 minutes until he needs to be on stage!
(not much time to get my game face on!) From there we started getting into the swing of things and meeting various band members and their amazing teams.

Once the first day was over at around 7pm we of course in true rock and roll style we started partying (another perk of working at a festival) after a few drinks I got chatting to a guy who told me that they were able to get us back stage to see Def Leopard who were headlining the main stage!!!!! This is a truly awesome experience and for a bunch of OAPs they smashed it on stage

Saturday was even more eventful, Slipknot a very popular heavy metal band were headlining on the main stage that night and I have been quite a fan of theirs going back to my grumpy teenager days so the possibility of meeting these guys was just crazy! After cutting hair for most of Saturday for the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and Simple Creatures and Slipknots technical assistant we were approached by Slipknots management who asked us to cut and style the bands hair once they arrived by private jet! Once we were finished we were able to gain access to the main-stage to watch them perform from about 5 metres away and being able to see every detail of the set which was just insane! In true rock star fashion we played a lot of air guitar and headbanged the night away!

Sunday, the final day, was the busiest day and once again after cutting a tonne of hair on some very cool people I managed to get a dope tattoo back stage from an artist we had been hanging with all weekend and have now become real close friends with (another perk to working at a festival) once this was finished again we partied hard and drunk way too much whisky and coke.

So to summarise working back stage at Download Festival 2019 was a blast, meeting some amazing people, partying way too hard and doing some dam fresh hair cuts.

See you next year Download (our spot has already been pencilled in)



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