The Burrow (the story so far)

So it’s my turn to bless The Brentwood Hairdresser website with a blog,
I can no longer deprive you all the story of my journey from driving a digger in a skip yard to building my own brand and working with some of the coolest cats around.

Like most of us I started washing heads in a local salon straight out of school at the age of 16, shortly after, loosing interest in sweeping floors, I took up work in a waste recycling plant driving a digger. At the age of 18 I was earning what I thought was good money and spending it just as quick, only to be doing the same thing 2 years down the line with no sign of career progression, it was time for change once more…

Luckily for me I had matured, only slightly, since I was 16 and was able to negotiate starting work in the same local salon I had previously left. With the guidance of my manager and now good friend, I was able to rise through the ranks very quickly, hitting targets regularly and growing as a hairdresser until finally plateauing as a senior stylist. At the age of 24 I decided to make another forward leap into the unknown and start my own company, and just like that, ‘The Burrow’ was founded. The name seemed fitting incase you guys were wondering, my last name is Burrow and that’s also where hares live, hence the play on words, hare/hair, I’ll let you do the maths…

It didn’t take long for Rob, Mr Brentwood Hairdresser himself, to hear that I had gone it alone and so after a few coffees and a guided tour of the beautiful salon, we decided to collaborate and so I started building my own brand, under the umbrella of his, changing lives one haircut at a time! (every Thursday) I was sold on Robs ethos of building a team of amazing stylists and creating a salon full of cool people that love doing great hair. What more could you ask for?!

Through networking I’ve built relationships with some pretty awesome people. I regularly work with my friends at ‘Father and Sons’ a men’s clothing brand which has opened up the doors to the celebrity hairdressing world. I’ve also assisted at fashion week in London and Paris, broadening my skill set of session styling. I love session work but if I’m honest, give me a precision haircut over a hair up any day. I’ve even recently had a crack at the modelling game myself. I know what you’re thinking, is there anything this geeza can’t do?

I am proof that if you keep your nut down and try your hardest at whatever it is, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I used to sort rubbish for a living and now I’m my own boss, and I’m not done yet!! What a time to be alive!! If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for reading through my nonsense, you won’t get those 2 minutes of your life back… Au revoir from The Burrow


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