Announcing our latest collaboration

I always want to surround myself with the coolest people possible as this never fails to inspire me,I believe by creating the perfect atmosphere in the right environment all the best stylists will want to be in the same space. Then in turn as individuals this will push us as a team to achieve our best work. On that note let me introduce…. Mike (@theburrowhair)

Now this is one cool guy, great personality huge talent and he skates! Just like me he is keen to push his skills and become the best version of himself both in his cutting and colouring. And we both think that the Brentwood hairdresser is the place to do just that.

So as from the 2nd of November he’s joining us once a week every Thursday. you can book direct with us on 01277200777 or online at so go and check out his Instagram @theburrowhair And also @thebrentwoodhairdresser whist your at it! Follow the link to his Facebook below


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